the Mississippi State edition

forallx: the Mississippi State edition is an open source logic textbook. It covers propositional logic, and it can be freely used or modified. The textbook is avaialbe as a PDF. Or a paperback copy can be purchased from this site. The source files are available in this GitHub repository.

Further explanation of this textbook is here. A description of the logic system for this textbook that can be used in is here.

This is the schedule that I use when teaching with the textbook.

Weeks 1 & 2      forallx, chapters 1 & 2: introduction to arguments
Week 3 & 4 forallx, chapters 3 - 6: introduction to truth functional logic
  Test 1
Weeks 5 - 8 forallx, chapters 8 - 11: truth tables
  Test 2
Weeks 9 - 13 forallx, chapters 13 - 16: proofs
Week 14 forallx, chapter 17: theorems
Week 15 forallx, chapter 18: soundness and completeness
Exam week Test 3

Here is the syllabus.

Here is a more detailed calendar (for an online course).